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The Mend House is a sober living community for men, in Knoxville, TN which empowers them to gain control over their actions, decisions and choices. The Mend House allows men to enjoy clean, sober and stable housing for up to 2 years while working towards independence. Evidenced- Based Practices have proven that men who surround themselves with other men, who are sober, will increase the likelihood of long term sobriety. The Mend House will equip the men with the necessary tools needed for ongoing recovery.

The Mission of The Mend House is designed specifically for men that are ready to mend their lives. We are a sober living community that serves men 18 years old and older who are making a transition back into mainstream society. The Mend House is a substance free environment that takes into account the most important variable-the men. We meet the men where they are and provide them with the appropriate tools needed for growth. Our goals for the men are for them to develop mentally, spiritually, emotionally, financially, morally, intellectually, physically and socially.

The Mend House’s overall goal is to help men in recovery make a successful transition from the consequences of their past, back into the regular routine of everyday life. The potential chaos that lurks outside a recovery facility or an institution is why transitional living matters most. The early stages of recovery are typically the most fragile; when old, unhealthy habits, behaviors, and acquaintances have more power. The Mend House will empower the men to seek additional support from the community, resources available within the community, and recovery meetings

We are thankful for the opportunity to empower men to discover the joys of life without the use of alcohol and/or drugs! We believe we will afford the men the opportunity to gain life skills so they can successfully navigate through their future. Our hope is for the men to become acceptable, responsible and productive members of society.

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