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Mend House

 a sober living community in Fountain City designed for individuals who wish to change their lives from the consequences of their past.

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The Mend House has been in operation since 2015. To date, we have helped 2,500 individuals find a new way to live.

Our Story 

What is the Mend House?

The Mend House is a sober living community for individuals, in Knoxville, TN. which empowers them to gain control over their actions, decisions and choices. The Mend House allows individuals to enjoy clean, sober and stable housing for up to 2 years while working towards independence. Evidenced- Based Practices have proven that individuals who surround themselves with other people, who are sober, will increase the likelihood of long term sobriety. The Mend House will equip the individuals with the necessary tools needed for ongoing recovery.


Why is this important?

Addiction has been on the rise.

  In 2019, according to the Knox County Regional Forensic Center, 293 people in Knox County died from overdose-related causes, an age-adjusted overdose death rate of 62.3 per 100,000. 

  People need to understand that these overdoses are not just happening in drug houses or in the alley. They are happening in middle to upper class neighbourhoods! We want to make a difference and help prevent this in Knoxville, TN.

How do we do it?

The Mend House offers a high standard  for a sober living community . All residents will have access to a licensed alcohol & drug counselor to assist them with addressing the consequences of their addiction.

We take great pride in equipping our individuals with the necessary strength-based tools needed to thrive in an environment that helps them make a full and successful transition back to independent living.

Read about our wonderful staff that is equipped to help increase the likelihood of long term sobriety. 

Our Stories

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